Here you will find information about how our grants work, and how to apply. Please note grants are only available for athletes who live in Queensland, Australia.

How the grants work

  • Grants of $500 are available for athletes wanting to start a sport or for those who are already competing

Grants may be used for any sports-related expenses including equipment, competition entry fees, travel to competitions, uniform, club memberships etc.

Grants are open to Queensland athletes with physical disabilities or vision impairment and all grant winners are required to become a member of Sporting Wheelies and Disabled Association (see the selection criteria below for further details).

Grants are awarded once each year at the conclusion of the application period, and each athlete is presented with their grant at the annual awards ceremony.

Athletes are invited to apply for funding during each year by filling out an application form located below

Key dates for 2022 grant round

Sporting Dreams grant applications close on 25/11/2022.

Athletes will be notified whether or not their application has been successful by post and/or email.

Grants will be presented at an official awards ceremony to be held depending on when the majority of athletes are able to attend.


Application Forms

2022 sporting-dreams-grant-application-form

Follow the link above or email to request an application form direct to your inbox.


Who is eligible? Sporting Dreams grants are open to beginner and developing athletes with a physical disability or vision impairment who live in Queensland. There is no age restriction.

How do I apply? Eligible athletes are invited to apply for a Sporting Dreams grant by filling out the official application form on this website.

Tips for completing the application

All applications must be made on the official application form. Ensure the applicant meets the selection criteria listed on the application form.

The selection panel will assess each application based on the information provided.

Be specific when responding to questions. For example “I will spend the grant money buying a new shooting jacket which will cost $300” is better than “I will spend the grant money on training and competition”.

Explaining how the shooting jacket will enhance your performance will also improve the quality of your application.

Application checklist – before submitting your application, ensure it contains:

  1. Completed application form
  2. Responses to all questions are typed into the application form or attached
  3. A high-resolution or hardcopy photograph is attached
  4. Comments from coach/parents/managers included (you may attach a separate letter from your coach etc. if needed)


What can I spend my grant money on? Anything that will improve your sporting performance. Some examples include: equipment such as a wheelchair basketball chair, equipment maintenance, coaching fees, uniform costs, travel to competition, a carer to help you at training, transport to and from training, entry fees for events, and gym or personal trainer fees.

Why are grants only available once per year? Sporting Dreams is a small grants fund made possible by fundraising efforts by Marayke each year. The total funding amount raised at the time that grant applications close will determine the number and type of Sporting Dreams grants awarded. By awarding grants once per year, all athletes have an equal chance to apply and receive grants from the available funds, based on the quality of their application.

I have an event next month. Can you help me to pay for my travel expenses? Sporting Dreams grants are awarded annually and not available ‘on request’. Grants are made to help with your expenses over the upcoming year. We encourage you to apply for each funding round. Remember – part of being an elite athlete is planning your key competitions for the year, and applying for funding in advance.

Who is eligible for a grant? Grants are for athletes at all stages of their sporting career – those who are established athletes, new to their sport, in the first year of competition or still at a beginner level in their sport.

I live outside Queensland. Can I apply? Unfortunately, grants are for Queensland residents only.

Can I apply every year? Athletes are eligible to apply every second year. 

Who assesses the grant applications? The judging panel is comprised three members from a sporting background.

Why do I need to include a photo with my application? Photos of successful grant applicants will be used in the award ceremony programme, audio-visual presentations, the Sporting Dreams website, social media and other promotions. The photo ideally will show you competing or wearing sports gear, but a simple headshot is fine.

What is the Sporting Dreams awards ceremony? The awards ceremony is an opportunity for successful grant applicants to meet and celebrate their achievements with family and supporters, and receive their grant from Sporting Dreams founder and MC, Marayke Jonkers. You are encouraged to say a few words, with help from Marayke, and thank your supporters.

Successful applicants will receive full details about the awards ceremony, including venue and date, closer to the event.

If you cannot attend the awards ceremony, a representative can receive the grant on your behalf or arrangements can be made to send your grant and certificate to you after the event.

The selection process

At the close of applications, all athletes will be assessed by a selection panel formed by Sporting Dreams. The panel will confer with development officers for the state sporting organisations prior to the selection panel meeting and obtain their recommendations in respect of the applicants.

Decisions the panel make are final. All applicants will be advised in writing whether or not they have been successful in receiving a Sporting Dreams Grant.

Successful applicants will be invited to attend a grant presentation event where they will receive their cheque. Athletes unable to attend will receive a congratulatory phone call and have their cheque posted to them.


 If you have any questions regarding the application process


phone: 0412 751 407


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