Wheelchair Basketball
After just four weeks of using a wheelchair, Dylan, 15, was asked to play in ‘The Classics’ tournament with the Queensland Rolling Thunder Under 20’s team. Dylan is still new to wheelchair basketball having only acquired his disability in January 2013 in a skateboarding accident.

Dylan, 15, acquired his disability in January 2013 when he was skateboarding fast down a steep hill and turning too sharply, came off and hit the road with his back and rolled into the gutter.

Dylan has neither movement nor feeling from the knees down however after only being in a wheelchair for four weeks, Dylan played in the Queensland ‘Classics’ tournament with the Queensland Rolling Thunder under 20’s placing 5th overall.

Dylan’s has just played in the Sydney ‘SLAM’ tournament in October and will aim to play in the National Junior tournament in Canberra 2014 where he hopes to make the under 23 Australian squad.

Dylan’s long-term goal is to compete at the Paralympic level where he can represent Australia. Currently, Dylan is training with Queensland Spinning Bullets A-grade side and one day hopes to make the team.

Dylan has worked in the fish section of the City Farmers and since then has gained a passion for marine and tank fish.

Dylan will be using his grant to purchase a new basketball wheelchair and is hoping to buy a handcycle in the near future as he has tried one in the past and loved it.

The advice that Dylan would give to other athletes is that whether you are in a wheelchair or not, do not take no for an answer if someone tells  you cannot do something. You are the most intelligent and complex being on this planet and you have the same amount of right as anyone on this rock called Earth. Try you’re hardest and never give up!