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To be recognised and considered for the Sporting Dreams Grant, having already received an introductory grant in 2012, and now a Developmental Athletes Grant in 2014 is an honour and a privilege. I am thankful for organisations such as the Sporting Dreams. lf it was not for such associations that exist and care for disabled athletes they would never achieve their goals and dreams. There are many disabled athletes just as deserving as me and I thank you kindly especially Marayake Jonkers, you will always be an inspiration and a legend in my eyes. Thank you for the opportunity to express myself including my achievements and sporting dreams- After becoming permanently disabled from a severe spinal injury after a car accident, during my rehabilitation I had the determination not to allow myself to remain inactive and non-functional. Thankfully I made a decision to become a member of my local Rathdowney bowling club through a good friend of mine which changed my life forever. Since I started bowling I dramatically improved in my body movement, gait defect, general overallfitness and social involvement, which has led to lifelong friendships With special coaching I successfully adapted to not only being able to lawn bowl, but have adjusted to becoming left handed as my right side has spinal neurological defects’ lnitially lawn bowling was part of my rehabilitation programme, but through persistence I have reached a competition level achieving silver in the Multi disability pairs and singles, representing eueensland at National Level. I have also represented Queensland in the able bodied championships reaching the quarter finals in triples at the Australian Open Championships. To follow my dreams financial assistance is paramount to allow continued involvement and competiveness. Fund raising is meagre at best. My ongoing needs include flights, transport accommodation, catering, nominations, coaching, physiotherapy and clothing and equipment. Bowling shoes alone cost over 5200-00. Costs always increase with time and representative dreams are not sustainable without assistance for any disabled athlete.

Debra McGary- Lawn Bowls

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